Döllerer's wine glass series
Wine glass series

Döllerer's wine glass series

The ‘Döllerer’s Vinophil Supreme’ and ‘Döllerer’s Vinophil Standard’ wine glass series were developed by Hermann Döllerer together with the renowned manufacturer Glass & Co and combine the high standards of top quality glasses with a fantastic price-performance ratio. The success of this concept is reflected by the wide range of renowned customers who have switched over to Döllerer glasses in their business. These include restaurateurs such as Klaus Wagner (Geniesserhotel Landhaus Bacher), Hermann Botolen (Restaurant Meinl am Graben), Roland Neulinger and Franz Fuiko (Carpe Diem Salzburg) as well as wine-growers such as Manfred Tement, Franz Hirtzberger andPepi Tesch, to name but a few.

"Döllerer Vinophil Supreme" & "Döllerer Vinophil Standard"

Die von Hermann Döllerer gemeinsam mit der renommierten Manufaktur Glass & Co. entwickelten Glasserien „Döllerers Vinophil Supreme“ und „Döllerers Vinophil Standard“ verbinden den Anspruch absoluter Spitzengläser mit einem sensationellen Preis-Leistungsverhältnis.

Döllerer’s Vinophil ‘supreme’
Barium crystal, hand-blown

Harmony      Power         Freshness      Luxury         Water
€ 14.90€ 14.90€ 14.90€ 14.90€ 13.90

Döllerer’s Vinophil „standard“
Barium crystal, machine-made

Amphore      Sparkle         Heavy         Light          Cup            
€ 25.00€ 4.20€ 4.70€ 4.20€ 4.20

Schnapps bottles & glasses
Barium crystal, hand-blown

Bottl     Bottl      Bottl     Glas large  Glas medium   Glas small 
€ 23.70€ 21.60€ 20.70€ 10.50€ 9.90€ 9.30

Bariumkristall - mundgeblasen sowie maschinengefertigt

mundgeblasen       maschinengefertigt
€ 25,90 € 12,00

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