Bluntau salmon

Bluntau salmon

Bluntau salmon with lemons, cucumbers and quinoa

IngredientsBluntau salmon, warm:

4 Bluntau salmon (around 4 cm wide)
Sea salt
Seasoned oil:
250 ml sunflower oil
1 tsp lemon pepper
1 tsp caraway, whole
1 star anise
½ stick of cinnamon
1 tsp coriander seeds
10 g fresh ginger
1 small stick lemon grass
1 clove of garlic
Peel of half an orange
½ bunch of coriander Bluntau salmon, marinated raw:

4 thin slices of Bluntau salmon
Olive oil
Lemon juice
Lemon peel
Sea saltLemon cream:

180 g lemon peel
30 g icing sugar
30 ml lemon juice
80 ml lime juice
30 g softened butterCucumber - slices & cubes:

1 cucumber
pinch of salt
some white wine vinegar Quinoa salad:

30 g Quinoa
1 tsp diced cucumber
1 tsp sour cream
2 tsps olive oil
lemon juice
lemon peel
Some curry powder
Cayenne pepper
Dill, finely chopped Herb sauce:

500 ml clear tomato stock
100 g onion cream
75 g celery cream
75 g fennel cream
60 g chive oil
60 g basil oil
20 g dill oil
Juice of ½ lemon

Bluntau salmon, warm & seasoned oil:Let all the spices and herbs infuse in the sunflower oil (except the fresh coriander) for 4 hours at 80°C. After this add the fresh coriander and leave to infuse at room temperature for a further 10 minutes. Strain the oil through a fine sieve. Season the salmon with sea salt and place on a sheet. Drizzle over a few teaspoons of the seasoned oil, cover with cling film and cook in a low-temperature oven (around 65°C). 
Bluntau salmon, marinated raw:Place the slices of raw salmon on a plate; sprinkle with lemon juice and olive oil and season with some lemon peel and sea salt.Lemon cream: Peel the lemon as thinly as possible. Blanch the peel briefly in boiling water and sieve. Repeat this four more times. The final time cook the peel until it is soft. Add the softened peel to the other ingredients into a Pacojet beaker and freeze. Using a Pacojet mix to a fine cream. Cucumebr – slices and cubes: Cut the cucumber lengthwise into 5 mm thick slices. Salt lightly and marinate in some vinegar. Then cut into long strips and fine cubes. Quinoa salad:

Cook quinoa until soft in lightly salted water and marinate with the other ingredients to make a spicy salad.Crispy quinoa:

Cook black and white quinoa briefly and strain using a sieve. Lay out on a sheet with baking paper and dry in an oven set to 70°C. Quick fry the dried quinoa in 200°C hot oil.

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