Marbled bundt cake
Marbled bundt cake

Marbled bundt cake

Marbled bundt cake - Grandma's recipe

Holunder Marshmallows

7 eggs
200 g Medium fine flour
170 g Icing sugar
175 g Butter
10 g Baking powder
170 g Granulated sugar
1 dsp dark cocoa powder

Whisk the butter with the yolks and icing sugar until foamy. Whisk the egg whites with the granulated sugar. Carefully add the beaten egg white mix, then the flour – with the baking powder mixed in – and the yolk mix. Grease a Bundt tin with butter and fill to 2/3 full. Stir in the cocoa powder to the rest of the mix and pour in.
In an oven – pre-heated to 180 C - bake the Bundt for 1 hour. Cool in the tin and turn out. Dust with icing sugar.

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