Excursions & nature
Excursions & nature

Excursions & nature

Golling Waterfall

Around a 30 minute walk from the Döllerer’s pleasure realms to this unique natural spectacle.

Chosen by romantic painters as a popular theme, the thundering Golling Waterfall is a particularly popular excursion destination and is probably one of the most attractive and romantic natural monuments in the state.


From the nearby Lueg pass, it’s just a few more steps to another natural monument – the Salzachöfen gorge. This imposing chasm between the Tennengebirge and Hagengebirge mountains in the Dachstein limestone is over 80 metres deep. This excursion can be easily combined with a visit to the Maria Brunneck pilgrimage church, built in 1763, at the top of the pass.

Bluntautal valley

The Bluntautal nature protection area is unique in its beauty and as such is one of the most captivating spots in the state of Salzburg. The breath-taking mountains are reflected in the crystal clear waters of the Torrener Ache river while brook trout swim in the deep green lakes. Savour the tranquillity with a walk or romantic trip out in a horse-drawn carriage. The idyllic flair of the Bluntau valley is sure to captivate you at any time of year!

The natural kingdom of Egelsee

The idyllic water lily pond of Egelsee is located just a 5 minute walk from Golling market place, just behind the Marktstrasse, embedded in a green park landscape. This beautiful spot for relaxing and unwinding offers a pleasant break from the sociable scene at Golling market.

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