Sights & traditions
Sights & traditions

Sights & traditions

Burg Golling

On a gently sloping hill, in the heart of Golling, is a castle which dates from thousands of years ago.

The castle houses the fossil collection of ‘Saurier & Co‘ including the showpiece – a 235 million year old marine reptile – and offers tours of the torture chamber   It also hosts a mediaeval festival and the popular, known far beyond its borders and the very popular Kleine Festspiele at Burg Golling. Museum Burg Golling invites visitors to take an exciting journey back in time through the history of Golling and its surroundings.
Burg Golling

Thannhauser Bauernmuseum near Salzburg

The Thannhauser Farm Museum contains some 340 m² of exhibition space featuring numerous pieces from 1800 to 1930 such as agricultural tools, a mill, an old laundry room, a historic fruit processing device, an old cobbler’s workshop and a school classroom from days gone by. The voyage of discovery with farmer Inge is a highlight for all the family and a chance to learn all about the life and crafts of the past!

Hallein Salt Mine

Fun, adventure and mystical moments await in this traditional kingdom of ‘white gold’. The salt caves in Dürrnberg near Hallein form the foundations for the riches of the city and state of Salzburg. The mine railway provides a fun and comfortable way to access the inside of the mine and 2 long miner’s slides lead to the underground salt lake where a new multi-media show transports visitors into a magical world of light and sound. You can follow in the footsteps of the Celts who mined salt here as far back as 400 BC and discover the secret world of the miners who dug kilometres of labrinths into the mountain by hand.

Hallein Keltenmuseum

Over 30 rooms contain a range of archaeological treasures from Celtic settlements, work sites and graves dating back as far as the 4th century BC

The Keltenmuseum is located in the largest civil building in Hallstein, the former official headquarters of the salt mines. Over 30 rooms contain a range of archaeological treasures from Celtic settlements, work sites and graves dating back as far as the 4th century BC. The history of ‘white gold’ – the historic salt mines – is impressively presented on the 2nd floor in the former audience chambers of the Salzburg Archbishops. Here you will see 3 knights’ chambers containing a total of 74 oil paintings featuring images from the working world of the salt mines and the saltworks.

Werfen giant ice caves

This giant world of ice is the largest ice cave on Earth. Explore the magnificent ice and colours in this giant realm and admire the ice palaces of crystal-clear beauty which can transport you into a magical wintry world of ice, even on hot Summer days. The entire cave system extends over 42 km. The tour takes you along the first kilometre or so which contains some imposing ice shapes.

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