Sausage manufacture
Sausage manufacture

Sausage manufacture

Döllerer´s fine Salzburg fried sausages

The basis for this Salzburg speciality is veal mixed with white bread to form a fine mix. The fine Salzburg fried sausage should be heated first in warm water. Then the skin should be removed and the sausages fried in a pan with brown butter until golden. Sauerkraut and roast potatoes are a classic accompaniment.

Döllerers feine Salzburger Bratwurst

Die Basis für diese Salzburger Spezialität bildet ebenfalls das Kalbsbrät, zusätzlich wird die Brätmasse noch mit Weißbrot fein vermengt. Die feine Salzburger Bratwurst sollten Sie zuerst im warmen Wasser erhitzen, anschließend wird die Haut abgezogen und die Wurst in einer Pfanne mit brauner Butter „goldgelb“ angebraten. Als klassische Beilage eignen sich Sauerkraut und Röstkartoffel besonders gut.

Döllerer´s venison sausages

The meat is derived from deer in the Hohe Tauern national park. The coarse meat mixture is made up of venison and pork as well as a special mix of flavourings including salt, laurel, marjoram, white pepper and other herbs. The venison sausages should be fried until crisp and served with an accompaniment of creamy lentils and potatoes.

Döllerer´s lamb sausages

The Hohe Tauern national park, is the source of the meat used in our lamb sausages. The sausages are based on veal with bacon added to enhance the flavour. Coarser lamb meat is then added along with ingredients such as roasted onions, parsley, marjoram, black pepper and other herbs. These ingredients are chopped finely and mixed together. The sausages should be fried until crispy and served with green beans and polenta for a hearty dish.

Döllerer´s Kasimir cheese sausages

Today, it’s all about Kasimir sausages which are spicier and leaner than other sausages.

Döllerer´s original Golling sausage

Based on an old family recipe using pork and lots of lean beef, smoked and fried with a special spice mix. Original Golling sausages are available exclusively from Döllerer’s butcher’s.

Döllerer´s house sausage

Sliced thin, our tasty house sausage is the ideal served with mountain cheese, hearty brown bread and full-bodied red wine.

Döllerer´s homemade mustard

This sweet mustard is based on a traditional Bavarian recipe and is ideal served with Döllerer´s original fresh veal sausages. Water, sugar, mustard flour, wine vinegar, salt and high quality spices are the only ingredients used.

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