family business

The Döllerer family

What started about 100 years ago with the Wirtshaus & butcher’s shop has since become a diverse family business with numerous protagonists. You might think that it would be quite tricky to unite all family members, but the tasks in Döllerer’s Genusswelten are spread so wide that everyone joyfully works in their respective area.

Always & everywhere: the Döllerers

Several generations of the lively family roam in and around the main house in Golling: at the Wirtshaus, Genießerrestaurant, Genießerhotel, Feine Kost, the Weinhandelshaus and the enoteca. A life without work? Unthinkable for the Döllerers. However, they can lean back happily every once in a while, as the new generation has things firmly under control.
Encounter heartfelt hospitality and the love for enjoyment in all areas of Döllerer’s Genusswelten. This is both a source and inspiration, not only for Andreas Döllerer’s cuisine alpine, but also for constantly new delicatessen specialities and events all about wine & culinary art.

Introducing the Döllerer family

Hostess Christl welcomes guests at the Genießerhotel, Genießerrestaurant and Wirtshaus, while her husband, toque-awarded chef Andreas, sets gastronomic milestones with his cuisine alpine. The brothers Raimund and Christian can be found at the Weinhandelshaus and the enoteca, where they tend to over 300,000 bottles of wine with great care and deliver them to numerous private customers and top-class gastronomy.
They are supported by uncle Hermann, who laid the foundation for the toque-awarded restaurant and the wine wholesale business decades ago. Hermann also devotes himself to the festival on Golling castle, which he has continued to build upon continuously ever since its foundation in 2000, with great joy.

Döllerer’s Weinhandelshaus - Wine merchant’s

A wide selection of wines for private customers, gastronomy and trade: Discover top-quality wines, rarities and oenophile glass culture.
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Döllerer’s Genießerrestaurant

Fine enjoyment at the three-toque-awarded restaurant with alpine charm and terrace, à la carte & menus from Döllerer’s cuisine alpine.
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Three Döllerer generations

Sabine, Raimund’s better half, is a genuine Jack of all trades in terms of organisation, accounting, marketing and online shop. Furthermore, Sabine can be found in Döllerer's Feine Kost and the enoteca. She also works on the popular Genusspackerl and accessories. Raimund senior let produce sausages, ham, bacon and other meat specialities of the highest quality in according to traditional recipes at Döllerer's Feine Kost: His “Frischen” are popular far and wide.
The next generation in the form of Laura, Sabine’s and Raimund’s daughter, is already set to go. Laura studies international oenology in Geisenheim, diligently works at the Weinhandelshaus on the side and is part of the online shop customer support team.

Döllerer’s enoteca

Discerning wine experts and oenophiles will find a place to indulge and celebrate at the Döllerer family’s vinotheque.

Döllerer’s Genusspackerl

Delicious, fine gifts for every occasion, season and budget. For your loved ones, best friends and business clients.
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Getting to know the Döllerers

Grandma Marianne makes hundreds of homemade bacon, liver and cheese dumplings every week. She can also be found at Döllerer's Feine Kost, where she cuts savoury delicacies for breakfast guests. Grandma Martha is the flower fairy of the house, arranging fresh flowers for the tables, the terrace and other areas every day. Furthermore, the grandmas have their hands full with looking after ten grandchildren.
Many regulars have become something like the extended circle of the Döllerer family. Get to know this welcoming family, and spend unforgettable hours or days at Döllerer’s Genusswelten in the province of Salzburg. The Döllerer family is looking forward to your visit!