Culinary home.

No matter which of our offers you choose, be it the Döllerer Genießerhotel (Gourmet Hotel), the Wirtshaus (Inn), Restaurant or the Feine Kost (Fine Food), they all express our idea of home.

Anything we do not produce ourselves is supplied by producers whose history we know well. Their work enhances ours and allows our creativity to be truly free. They are smart people attuned to the world around them, with hearts full of kindness and the same love for the place in which they live. Wherever that may be.

Andreas Döllerer's
Alpine Cuisine

Steep, rugged, rough. You won't find any wishy-washy nonsense here. Andreas Döllerer chose to see as an opportunity what others might have seen as restrictive. It has fired his imagination, brought old knowledge back into light, and allowed new things to emerge. It all comes together in his “Alpine Cuisine”. To develop and truly engage with what you find here and to understand this region in its entirety – Andreas immediately knew that this is the obvious thing to do.


The “A la Carte restaurant guide” currently rates Andreas Döllerer’s restaurant with five stars and 99/100 points as the best restaurant in Austria, and the “Großer Hotel- & Restaurantguide” named him “Chef of the Year 2020”. Good reasons to try this style of cuisine, where every dish and every product has a story to tell; about people, passions, and the feeling of being right at home.

» Here, you live life in your niche. Some might call it limiting, I call it freedom. «

Andreas Döllerer

Top Reviews

Gault Millau
– 18,5 Punkte

Frankfurter Allgemeine – Chef of the year

A la Carte 2020 – Best restaurant in the country

Schlemmer Atlas – Top chef of the year 2021

Named chef of the year 5 times

Shared roots

Great things are only created together. The team around Christl and Andreas Döllerer have a lot in common, but above all they share a passion for hospitality, the culinary arts, and the celebration of good taste. The team also strives to rethink these worlds every now and then, and to present their great diversity and the variety they hold, without ever losing sight of the team's clear vision.

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Our original building in Golling

This former butcher’s shop with attached Inn is where it all started. Since then, everything has grown and changed, and yet in its core remained fundamentally true to itself. In the original building we have refined the tastes of our childhood, gradually becoming one with the world around us. Preservation of our past is important to us, but we are not a museum.

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The Atelier

Creativity requires the right surroundings. It requires a space where ideas can grow. In the Atelier (studio), your ideas combine with ours. Whether it be in cooking courses, workshops, or seminars in small groups.

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