Danube Salmon from Bluntau Valley
lukewarm marinated Danube salmon fillet
sour & colorful radish
wood sorrel & wood sorrel roots

Glacial beet 23
red beet baked in glacier sand
dried & rehydrated
horseradish bread & horseradish velouteé
beet ice cream & beet-elderflower marinade
romaine lettuce with elderflower vinaigrette

Fresh water prawns from charcoal grill
asparagus & young wild garlic from Rabenstein
wild garlic oil, jerusalem artichoke cream &
dashi beurre blanc

lamb from the Hohe Tauern region
spicy lamb neck & peas
radish & cress
whipped fennel yoghurt

Onion tart
shallot salad with salted lemon
caramelized & braised onion
spring herb infusion & caviar by Walter Grüll
black lemon

Childhood memories
pike perch "Salzburg - Nice"

pike perch fillet & melting calf's head
peach olives, green beans & potato mousseline

“Bienenstich” & yeast ice cream
rhubarb & baked sweet yeast dough


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Menü Göllüberquerung

wine pairing

wine pairing „Best of“

non-alcoholic drink pairing

cover charge



romaine lettuce, elderberry capers &
elderflower vinegar
local honey & dried mushrooms

Char from Bluntau Valley & Caviar
marinated char / Sigi Schatteiner
stock of Fürstenhof–whey, nut butter &
cabbage juice
confit potato, chive & caviar by Walter Grüll

Alpine Scallop
smoked egg yolk cream &
ox marrow mayonnaise
fermented garlic & dashi

lacquered sturgeon fillet from the Robatayaki grill
salted lemon & horseradish
young kohlrabi by Winkelhofer
spicy prawn & crab stock

Spring cabbage & sourdough
slow braised cabbage & cucumber
crispy organic spelt & cress
dried sourdough

“Homage to Dieter M.”
farm raised heritage chicken / Abtenau "Crepinette”
with chicken liver & truffle
peas, morels & clear chicken broth

Alpine milk & mountain pine
mountain pine ice cream, honey & snow
iced sour cream & tree powder


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Menu "Best of Alpine Cusine"

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wine pairing „Best of2

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Black Sturgeon-Caviar by Walter Grüll

Black Sturgeon-Caviar by Walter Grüll
Grödig I Salzburg
served with Austrian blinis, pickled cabbage
sour cream & egg yolk

30 g tin | 95
50 g tin | 150

Our recommendation

KRUG . Grand Cuvée . 170 ème Édition .
0,1l  |  59

KRUG for Two . Grand Cuvée .
0,375l  |  175

Iced Caviar Vodka by Walter Trausner & Walter Grüll:

Caviar Vodka Salmon Trout
4 cl  |  13

Caviar Vodka Siberian Sturgeon
4 cl  |  30