Breast of Milk-Fed Veal
crayfish, celery & vanilla
leek juice & Beurre Blanc of crayfisch


bread from Tauernroggen (special type of grain)
with brine from Hallein
smoked venison ham
raw milk butter from Fürstenhof/Kuchl

Asparagus “Royal“
confit black salsify & nettle
baked onion & black salsify-mustard ragout
black salsify foam, stinging nettle pistou & hazelnuts,
caviar from Walter Grüll

Alpine Barigoule
braised & crispy artichokes from Dandlhof
dehydrated celery, apple & apple balm
celery cream, Lungauer chanterelle & tomatoes
immortality herb


“Gulasch” of Zander
glaced Viennese snails & pickles with mustard seeds
cream of brown bread, stock with bell pepper and sausages


Farm Raised Heritage Chicken from Family Rieger / Abtenau
knuckle stew with braised topinambur
mushrooms, yarrow & chicken liver doughnuts


Deer from Hohe Tauern-Region
Rosa dell’Isonzo, pignoli & kumquats
Parsley root – walnut cream



chocolate, beer & pear


Selection of cheese




Menü Göllüberquerung
6 courses (without barigoule & free-range chicken)
8 Courses
Wine pairing
6 | 8 Gläser
85 | 110
Wine pairing „Best of Döllerer“
6 | 8 Gläser
350| 480
non-alcoholic drink pairing
45 | 58



Marinated Char from Bluntautal Valley
marinated char of Sigi Schatteiner’s own breed,
stock of Fürstenhof–whey, nut butter & cabbage juice
confit potatoes, chive & caviar from Walter Grüll


bread from Tauernroggen (special type of grain)
with brine from Hallein
smoked venison ham
raw milk butter from Fürstenhof/Kuchl


Alpine Ramen
chicken consommé & spelt ramen from Fürstenhof,
two days pickled egg from family Putz / Kuchl,
Duroc ribs, kale & specialties from mangold,
organic free-range chicken from Abtenau


Alpine Scallop
roasted cabbage, quinoa & fermented garlic
smoked egg yolk cream & ox marrow mayonnaise

Döllerer Black Pudding
crunchy potato, mustard & red currant
stock of roasted potatoes


Glacier beet
beet from Dandlhof / Wals baked in a dough
of glacial sediments, raw marinated Chioggia beet
granola & spruce stock


Short Rib from the Robatayakigrill
Celery, salad & horseradish
wild chives sauce


The legendary “Trüffelkasnock’n”
for minimum two persons
(Surcharge 30 Euro/person)


Childhood Memories
cinammon & caramel
ice cream of shortbread


Selection of cheese


MenU "Best of Alpine Cusine"
8 Courses
Wine pairing
surcharge Barolo for Trüffelkasnock’n
Wine pairing „Best of Döllerer2
non-alcoholic drink pairing


Black sturgeon caviar by Walter Grüll

Black sturgeon caviar by Walter Grüll
Grödig I Salzburg
served with Austrian blinis, sourcrout & egg yolk

30 g tin: 95
50 g tin: 150

Our recommendation...

KRUG Grand Cuvée
0,1l  |  42

KRUG for Two Grand Cuvée
0,375l  |  148

Iced Caviar Vodka from Walter Trausner & Walter Grüll:

Caviar Vodka Salmontrout
4 cl  |  13

Caviar Vodka Siberian sturgeon
4 cl  |  30