Enjoying à la Döllerer

Our world is a homage to life, naturalness, and alpine traditions. Everything we do is part of this culture. An attitude that cultivates craftsmanship and gives the people behind the products a stage. A stage of good taste. The play we are performing is called Home.

Hospitality is in our family's blood. Since 1909. Back then, Anton and Elise Döllerer laid the foundation stone by taking over the inn with its attached butcher’s shop. The generations that followed have built on this and, step by step, have carefully created what we are today: a family full of different characters. Everyone has their own special skills and talents, together we are unique. The Döllerer is the sum of its people. It is an inn, wine shop, hotel, fine dining and Alpine Cuisine. It is a meeting place and our idea of home.

True enjoyment has a home

From our roots and the passion for hospitality that is connected with them, that new alpine essence emerges that makes up our world of wine, culinary art, and lingering over pleasures. Nourished by the ideas and work of people of strong character. Whether family members, employees or partners. Cattle breeders, winegrowers, vegetable and fruit farmers, cheese makers, fishermen and many others who are as familiar with the concept of home as we are.


Over the years, they have become part of this family. Regulars of good taste. Because we are all convinced that true enjoyment always reflects the essence of its homeland. In times when everything is available at any time, we see it as our responsibility to preserve, rediscover and share not only our tradition but also those of our partners.


» Home is all the people you still like to be around even years later. «

Andreas Döllerer

The Döllerer family

What began over 100 years ago still unites us today. Many faces, different characters and yet one family. It is taste and passion that connect us, because we are convinced that true enjoyment contributes significantly to our quality of life. Together we lend lightness to this work. On the plate, in the glass, and with the smile with which we greet you.

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Origin, attitude, home

Four generations of Döllerers have been dedicated since 1909 to true enjoyment that carries within itself the roots, the origins and the people who shape it - a taste that reflects its homeland. Our home is called Golling. This is where it all began. This is where our roots are anchored, roots that have grown generation after generation with great sensitivity to changing times - towards the tasteful heritage it is today and still will be tomorrow.

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The Döllerer Team

We are a big family in which not everyone is related by blood, but we are all cut from the same cloth. It is the taste and passion for hospitality, culinary art and wine that unite us. Our drive is to rethink this world now and again, to show it in its variety and to share it with you.

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Family stories

Each family writes its stories. Ours are varied, but all full of taste and flavor. You can read our family stories on our blog.

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Those who love good life know that it is sometimes also quite a lot of work. We will be happy to help you in organizing your party. With all our experience. And, after all, we have more than a hundred years of that.

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