Products from
Döllerer’s world

Our family knows the culinary business inside out. Since 1909.

The products that used to come from our butcher's shop have now grown into a choice assortment. The mountains, valleys, streams, rivers, lakes, meadows and alpine pastures of our homeland are the source of our variety. Here you can get an overview of the world of delicious products from the house of Döllerer. If you want to try them for yourself, you can have many of our products sent directly from our online shop to your home or you can simply come and stop by Feine Kost.   

Here all is about great sausages and much more.

The Inn’s cuisine in a jar

The Inn’s cuisine in a jar is honest pleasure to go. With his ever-changing dishes, Andreas Döllerer draws upon the culinary diversity of the region. The down-to-earth dishes taste like home, like simplicity handed down from generation to generation. Even in your home.

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Dumpling specialties by Marianne Döllerer

Grandma Marianne Döllerer spins hundreds of homemade bacon, liver and pressed cheese dumplings every week according to traditional tried-and-true recipes - these are a particular highlight of our assortment at Feine Kost.

Chutneys, mustard and salt

Apricot and plum chutneys, fig mustard and the homemade mustard, sweet, delicate, spicy or just salt. They all go with butter on bread or are the perfect complements to cheese and meat specialties. A harmonious balance of sweet and spicy.

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Tea and syrups, schnaps & punch

Our own self-made products with or without alcohol for your drinking pleasure. Soothing teas, syrups from elderberry, raspberry, currant and many others improve clear water. Our selection of schnapps and punch, on the other hand, really warms.

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Meat & sausage variety

The “Frischen” sausages made according to a recipe of the passionate master butcher Raimund senior, have been famous for decades, even outside Austria. Other highlights from our wide variety of meat and sausages include the spicy Karreespeck and belly bacon, the fabulously tender venison ham, and the grilled meat. Who knows whether all this is due to the meat from the region, the secret blend of spices, or the “spirit” of master butcher Raimund senior?

Honey and jams

Our sweet spreads taste of summer, the surrounding meadows and fruit trees. Cranberries, plums, blueberries... they tastes like they had just been put in the jar. The honey is produced by our own bees from our 15 hives and is, of course, of the finest organic quality.

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Everything for the table

In addition to culinary delicacies, our product range also includes many items to give food and drink a tasteful setting. Boards and knives for snacks, hip flasks, the wine glasses from our glass culture or other wine accessories - they will all look great on your table. Of course, with Andreas Döllerer's cookbooks, you also have the perfect instructions to try producing Alpine creations.

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