Alpine Bar

Local flavors and
exotic touches

Right in the bustling center of Golling, there is a hidden place where you can feel the pace of life slow down and catch your breath more easily. As soon as you enter our Alpine bar, time seems to flow at a more leisurely pace. When it is cool outside, the fire crackles in the cozy fireplace room and on warm days you can rest on comfortable lounge furniture out on the terrace, giving yourself completely to the moment and bringing the day to a pleasurable close.

Of course, we think this is best done with a glass of wine from our wine selection, a classic or exotic spirit from our selected range, a cocktail, or even a Sparkling Tea, for those who like to try something new. Gaze over the garden into the distance and back again. Browse through Andreas Döllerer's cookbooks... let yourself indulgence completely and look forward to your next stay with us.

» Our guests love to sit by the fireplace or in the lounge area with a glass of wine and let their minds wander. There's probably no better place to slow down with style. «

Christl Döllerer