Facets of
Alpine pleasure

Döllerer's Feine Kost

Here you will find what we ourselves love. We grew up with these delicacies, tastes and smells. Over the years, we have refined them and have now packed them in different-sized portions for our guests. 

Meat, sausage and cheese specialties, regional treats, delicacies from our Inn kitchen and Alimentari play the leading roles in Feine Kost. Everything you will find here comes either from our own kitchen, sometimes created from recipes handed down by Raimund Döllerer, or from producers we hold in the highest estime. At Feine Kost all these specialties get the attention they deserve. In addition, there are also tasteful accessories that provide a beautiful setting for our products.

Fresh meat &
sausage specialties


Regional delicacies &


Inn cuisine &
other Döllerer products


Alpine craft

Everything in 1909 started with the butcher’s shop. What was taken for granted back then has since become a real rarity: A butcher’s shop and an inn under the same roof. A tradition that we continue with passion.


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A jar of Alpine cuisine

Down-to-earth Inn cuisine to enjoy at home. According to delicious traditional recipes. For one, two, or the whole family.

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Fine indulgence in a package

Delicious treats that are handmade in the truest sense of the word. Passion, skill, and a lot of care go into our Gourmet Boxes. Carefully packed in fine wood or beautiful cartons. By hand, of course.

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Scharfe Gollinger, ca. 100 g
€ 4,90
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Döllerer Vinophil Standard LIGHT Weinglas 6er Karton
€ 51,00
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Döllerers Preiselbeere
€ 6,90
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A variety of delicacies waiting to be ordered

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