United in wine.

Wine, food and hospitality belong together; that is the way it has always been here, and that is how it will always be. We just love wine, without being dogmatic about it, because as we all know, there is no accounting for taste. It is above petty arguments, anyway, and it is taste that also guides us in the selection of our wines. Our range of wines on offer is extensive, and so is the experience with which it has been put together. This not only makes us reliable partners for retailers and restaurateurs, our guests can also expect delightful surprises from us.

Some things are just meant to be. Because they follow logically, and because passion carves out its own path. Hermann Döllerer has always been in search of the extraordinary, for the special among the mundane and the everyday, for wines and winemakers who share this spirit. This was the birth of the Döllerer winery. Today, we are passionately building upon the foundations laid down back then. Over the years, we have deepened and refined our knowledge, cultivated partnerships and forged friendships. Our extensive range of wines is a testament to this. It tells of the people, their dreams, their ways of doing things and where they feel at home. Wine therefore always tells a story. About home and the earth beneath your feet. No matter where in Europe – from Burgundy to southern Styria and from southern Italy back to Burgundy.

Wines with character.
From the Alps to the Loire,
all the way to the Priorat wine region.

A set table, people sitting around it, and the satiated feeling that remains at the end. It's not just about whether the wine goes with the second course, but about that feeling that you are, where you want to be. We often wonder how much we define ourselves by what grows on our soil, swims in our rivers or is stored in our cellars. We question things and in the end come to the conclusion that it is our understanding of home.


This can be anywhere, and when it comes to wine, it's probably more of a feeling than a place. There is hardly any other product that expresses attachment to a place more than wine. Our Döllerer wines are therefore selected with the utmost care and have been for many years. This is what sets us apart and allows our customers to enjoy a diverse selection of wines and unique experiences. A great depth of different vintages, special regions of origin, and rarities included.

» The love of wine cannot be learned. You carry it inside you. «

Raimund Döllerer

Selected winemakers

Bruno Paillard

The youngest of the great Champagne manufacturers, but the only independent one still run by its founder.


A producer of small quantities of mainly “high-end” red wines in Tuscany, focusing on traditional Sangiovese.

Ernst Triebaumer

The Triebaumer family is very committed to allowing things to take their course and to nature, which is also reflected in their characterful wines.

Uwe Schiefer

Is a true believer in the philosophy of “less is more”, both in the vineyard and in the cellar. A position we share.


Located in Capalbio in Tuscany, where the landscape is pristine and full of Mediterranean flavors – and that's exactly how Julia and Georg Weber's wines taste.

Johannes Zillinger

produces wines that can be described as natural, authentic and individual. The three lines “Velue,” “Reflexion,” and “Numen” are created by the winemaker by using special aging styles.

Peter Jakob Kühn

An estate that has been in the family for about 230 years. Respect for tradition defines the estate’s actions and also its Demeter-certified wine.

Loacker Corte Pavone

This just under 19-hectares estate grows almost only Sangiovese grapes. The different soil types are characterized by the dark shale Galestro. This variety makes it possible to produce elegant freshness, strong tannic structure and expressive color.

Domaine Arlaud

The very best growing cultivation area that Côte de Nuits has to offer and in top health. These wines are concentrated and rich, yet suffused with finesse and elegance.

Nin Ortiz

Ester Nin and her husband, Carles Ortiz, can proudly look out on 13 hectares of bio-dynamically managed vineyards. The wines are bursting with character, without missing that typical Nin Ortiz freshness.

The DÖLLERER Weinhaus

We gave wine a home in Kuchl. Because our passion needs a place where everything comes together. The Weinhaus (Wine House) unites knowledge, winemakers, glass culture and good taste. With wines from more than 230 wineries from all over Europe. What they all have in common is love for the product, uncompromising quality and the kind of independence that can only come from knowing who you are and where you come from.

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The team at the Döllerer Weinhaus

Hermann, Christian, Raimund, his wife Sabine and their daughter Laura live and breathe wine. In the here and now and with many years of experience. The Döllerer Weinhaus (Wine House) benefits from the different characters and their approaches to wine. In the truest sense of the word, the family has “grown” into this business. A real labor of love and an unbeatable advantage when it comes to making the right choice of wine.

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The Döllerer wine selection

A personally selected range with depth. Winemakers who truly respect nature. Wines with an uncompromising commitment to quality and authenticity. This is what distinguishes our assortment. Our personally curated wine selection focuses on differences, character and individuality; after all, variety is the spice of life.

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Wine culture

Having a nice glass of wine is about more than just the wine. Our home of wine culture offers you a space where you can exchange ideas with like-minded people and experience the world of wine. From wine festivals and events to the proper handling of the product and glassware.

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