Döllerer’s wine selection

Our assortment stands for high-quality wines from Europe. Only wineries that work with respect for nature and their terroir are considered. We are not concerned with names, but with character. We believe in personality in wine and in partnership with winemakers. This results in a diverse wine selection of rarities, new discoveries, exclusive highlights, and almost incomparable vintage depths. Personally selected by us, every bottle becomes to be an event.

Soils, winemakers, grape varieties, climatic conditions, farming practices and much more - we consider all these factors before we pour you a glass of wine. Our wine selection is varied and chosen with care backed by the knowledge of many generations and decades of experience.

We have read books, attended trade fairs and done tastings. But most of all we have learned from our winemakers. Because no one knows their product better than they do. Together we have climbed vineyards, sat in cellars, and stuck our noses into countless glasses. Each individual experience was important, but as a whole it is unique. Because it has trained our palates, opened our eyes and broadened our minds. All this for a subject that is close to all our hearts and that we are happy to share with you.

What counts for us.

01 / Wines with a home, roots and character

Our wine selection is not just some blend of nameless faces, it's full of individual characters. Winemakers who consider the place of origin as important as it is to us, because hardly any product reflects its place of origin more than wine. Soil, climatic conditions and craft come together in the term "terroir" with one inconceivable without the other. This is one of the main reasons why we know most of our winemakers personally.

02 / Fokus Bioqualität aus Europa

If you think about quality today, you also have to think about the optimal way of doing business. In our case, the focus is clearly on wineries that are committed to organic farming and/or biodynamics. These companies do not necessarily need to be certified, but they operate according to these principles. In addition, the wines in our range should not have traveled too far. The majority of Döllerer wines therefore come from Europe and, preferably, from the Alpine region. This fits in with our own philosophy and our idea of home.

03 / Rarities, specialties, insider tips

The wine world is constantly in motion, and we try to take this into account. We know when mature wines are at their peak, bring them to market at the right moment and know what makes each and every single one of our winemakers unique. So if you visit us regularly, you'll always find something new and different, from special vintages to large-format bottles and limited editions. We follow a simple yet effective principle: We don't chase every trend, but we know of them. We do without one day wonders and deliberately focus on longevity in our assortment.
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04 / Vintage depth and lifelong partnerships

The Döllerer Wine House wasn't born yesterday. We started the partnerships with our winemakers many years ago. This creates trust and makes it possible to show the winemakers’ work in all its depth. Each year is unique; the opportunity to follow the work of a winemaker over half a lifetime is something really special. We are proud to be able to offer just that. Vertical and regular tastings in the presence of the winemakers are experiences that are among the most unforgettable wine moments.

A personally selected range with depth. Winemakers who truly respect nature. Wines with an uncompromising commitment to quality and authenticity.

» Wine has always moved people. This derives from the passion of the winemakers and the uncompromising way they live out their idea of wine. «

Raimund Döllerer

The wine cellar in Golling

Highs and lows

Our century’s old, cool, vaulted cellar at our main building in Golling holds genuine treasures for wine lovers. This cellar stores around 2,500 items with an almost incomparable vintage depth. Old favorites and exclusive highlights, wines from renowned and recently discovered wineries rest here side by side and wait to be enjoyed during a dinner in the restaurant or inn, or to be discovered by you during an aperitif directly in the cellar.