The Döllerer Family

The beginning of everything

Family is constantly in motion, it changes and grows, and yet remains the place that inspires us and gives rise to the extraordinary. Our family is where everything started; it gives us room for maneuver and at the same time provides the framework. Everyone knows their role, but is still allows for break out sometimes. After all, where there is trust, the leash can be a long one. How else could we progress?

Where it all began.

It runs in the family. Since 1909.

We have seen the world, been inspired, and in the end always returned here - to Golling. Because there is no place more beautiful. Because family is home. With all our heart. For generations, it has always been about the love of enjoying. What first started off as an inn with a butcher's shop has matured into a local, alpine way of life: modern, surprising, contemporary.

It runs in the family. Since 1909.

Many characters. One family. One attitude.

Family is a living organism, a well-functioning system. Our system is quite big. Characterized by talents, personalities and the desire to keep their own world in motion. Together but alone. Together we are an orchestra of good taste, in which everyone knows their cue.

Christl and Andreas - The hostess and the top chef. The couple is a well-rehearsed team. While Christl greets the guests in Döllerer's Stammhaus, keeps the troupe together and keep her husband Andreas’s back free, he sees to his Alpine cuisine. He tracks down producers, sets culinary milestones, and reinterprets the culinary world of the past. The two complement each other not only in life, but also in their vocation.

Raimund and Christian- two brothers with a shared passion for wine. They serve the whole spectrum, from private wine lovers to wine merchants and colleagues from the gastronomy and hotel industry. They fill the Weinhaus (Wine House) and the enoteca with tasteful bottles. They watch over more than 400,000 of them like the apple of their eye and maintain close contacts with their winegrowers.

Hermann Döllerer laid the foundation for wine and culinary delights decades ago, with his brother Raimund Sr. Strong in character and with a  vision, they have achieved a lot. One, an excellent butcher, the other an outstanding host and wine connoisseur. Hermann created the festival at the Burg Golling (Golling Castle), built up the wine trade, and continues to be an indispensable, fatherly advisor in many areas.

Sabine, Raimund’s wife, is an all-rounder. She organizes, does and makes an takes care of a lot in the background. Everything to do with marketing bears her signature and the accounting is also in her hands. Gourmet parcels, accessories, fine food, wine. The list is long and Sabine's passion and energy are great. Oh yes, and she is the mother to Laura. She has a Master's degree in “Brand Design” and takes care of both digital and analogue aspects. She supports the marketing and overlooks the German market. A real all-rounder.

The two grandmothers Marianne and Marthacultivate traditions. While Marianne turns out hundreds of homemade bacon, liver and pressed-cheese dumplings every week, Martha is an important help with the floral arrangements in the house. But they still find the time for their eleven grandchildren, for whom they are simply irreplaceable.

We are a real extended family, so big that it is easy to lose track from the outside. Who belongs to whom, who does what, what is happening next? One thing is clear: this story will continue, because the fifth generation is already waiting in the wings.

Laura, Raimi, and Florian are the children of Raimund and Sabine. We have already been able to introduce Laura, brother Raimi is currently studying economics in Innsbruck, and Florian is attending the tourism school in Klessheim. Christian and Anna also have three children. Marie-Amelie, Ferdinand and Louisa keep Anna, the self-employed communications consultant, on her toes. It's good that Grandma Marianne is there to help. She is rightly proud of the next generation of Döllerers.  And so was her husband Raimund Senior - very much so.

The grandchildren from Martha and Hermann's line are also developing, Andi Jr. for example. Andreas and Christl's son attends the tourism school in Bad Hofgastein, while his two brothers Leopold and Hermann keep Grandma Martha wrapped around their finger at home. Julia and her husband Markus live in Sölden with their children Markus and Rosalie. There they run the Corso Living Aparthotel. You are simply born to be a host, no matter where you end up.

» Despite all the differences that make up a family, we are united by the bond to this place from which everything arose. «

Marianne Döllerer

And who else do we count as family?

All those who live our understanding of home and with whose help and goodwill our dreams can be made reality. Employees, guests, friends, colleagues, producers, and many others. A modern extended family, with countless contrasts and shades.