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of true indulgence

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feel good
Gourmet hotel in Golling
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For us, the Döllerer family,
home is not just the town of Golling,
but more of a way of life

Ours is a life nourished by a passion for finer things, our roots running deep in the region of the Alps, respect for tradition and a curiosity for the modern. An attitude that is reflected on the plates we serve and the glasses we fill. We have given our home a new dimension and depth, refined it and given it a future: as a family, as people, as hosts. Welcome to Döllerer. It's great to have you here.

Since 1909

Hospitality runs in the family

Today, we are still united by what our family started over 100 years ago. Many faces, different characters but still one family. It is taste and passion that connect us, because we are convinced that true enjoyment is the key to quality of life. Together we make our job seem effortless, on the plate, in the glass, and with the smile with which we greet you.

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PICCOLO im Karton 265 x 265 mm
€ 31,00
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Sparkling Tea Blå alkoholfrei
€ 21,50
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A great variety of delicacies waiting to be ordered.

In our WebShop you will find wines with character from Europe, delicacies from the Inn kitchen or Feine Kost, and tasteful accessories such as our own glass series.

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12. April bis 4. June 2022

Frühlingsküche in Döllerers Wirtshaus

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22. May bis 5. June 2022

Restaurant geschlossen

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16. June 2022

Restaurant & Wirtshaus geschlossen

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24. June 2022

Leichte Sommerküche

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24. June 2022

RED BLUES - Jazz on a summer´s day -

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1. July 2022

Leichte Sommerküche

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5. July 2022

Ariane Haering & Benjamin Schmid

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7. July 2022

Fritz Karl & Elena Uhlig / 1 Lesung

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We are only 30 minutes away from Salzburg.