Our definition of home

Living homeland – past and future

From Golling out into the world and back again

Home means first and foremost being grounded. Inner strength from which everything can arise. Our home is called Golling. From here we set out into the world and came back again. Golling is much more than a place. It is a feeling. A longing. An attitude. It makes us who we are.


The right place. The right time. Always.

In the old days, every good inn was connected to a butcher’s shop. You could say it was almost like the law of good taste.

That was the starting point for us as a family. Back in 1909, when our story began in Golling and when Anton and Elise Döllerer laid the foundation stone by taking over the inn including the adjoining butcher’s shop. For what it is and what it will be in the future. Because after a good meal in beautiful surroundings, our guests also wanted to sleep right here. And because passion always inspired action and in the end one thing led to another. New ideas came with each generation, especially in the late 1970s, when Raimund Sen., an excellent young butcher, and Hermann Sen., a passionate restaurateur, lent a hand to the business and brought us a big step forward. The turn to light, regional cuisine and the slow but steady development of the wine theme, which later became the third pillar of the business, alongside cuisine and hotel business. That is also, by the way, when the first toque was awarded, almost by itself, you might think. But of course it wasn’t quite that simple. Success has many fathers and is the result of consistent work. But those who love what they do find easy what others often find difficult. That has always been the case here.

Four generations have been dedicated to true taste since 1909. Versatile, warm-hearted, creative and full of drive. As a family, we can look back at a long history. We are deeply rooted, remembering the beginnings, the milestones and the beautiful moments. The inn is still there, the butcher's shop has become the “Feine Kost” (Fine food). The passion for wine was fully expressed with the Enoteca, the wine house in Kuchl, displaying a well-rounded, but above all an assortment with strong character. And eventually Andreas’s “Alpine Cuisine” emerged from our sense of home and more toques were added. A logical consequence when you see more in home than just a geographical location, keeping your finger on the pulse of time without denying your roots. It is a way of life reflecting the natural environment and shaped by the people who create and bring it to life through their doing. It is our tasteful heritage, which we preserved and developed to this day, just as our children and grandchildren will do with great care.


We have always seen it as our responsibility to preserve what home means to us, to rediscover it again and again, and to pass it on.

Experience home

Once you've been here, you can no longer forget. It is this beauty of the contrasts that makes us marvel. Rough and delicate. Clear and cloudy. Hot and cold. Facets of the alpine region.

So close to Salzburg

That, too, is home. This city and its culture have formed us. They have made us sensitive, opened our eyes and ears. Salzburg inspires. Not only at festival time.

©Tourismus Salzburg, Photo Breitegger Günter
©Tourismus Salzburg, Foto Breitegger Günter

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