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Döllerer's Feine Kost

Alpine craft 

What used to be a matter of course - a butcher's shop to be located very close to an inn – is now a rarity.

More than a hundred years ago we started out with a butcher's shop and an inn. Two branches to complement each other perfectly and that remain the pillars of the craft that we have lived for here since the very beginning, whilst always refining and further developing it. Today, producers that have been carefully selected by us manufacture according to the recipes of Raimund Senior, keeping his knowledge alive which would otherwise be lost. This is our way to keep Raimund senior and his passion for the craft of butchery alive.

Our sausage and meat products come from regional farmers and hunters. We have built up this network over the years, and they continues to deliver us of high quality products every day. Of course, we also pay careful attention to animal welfare. No compromises here. An attitude you can taste. In our Gollingers as well as on your the plates at the restaurant and Inn.

» The closer the producer to the product, the better it tastes. It’s as simple as that. «

Sabine Döllerer