Handpicked wine

Our subscription boxes come either 4 times, 6 times, 12 times yearly or even endless directly to your home. At a set price per package of

AUT € 89,00 / GER € 95,00

Wine variety
by subscription

"Handpicked" is a lively wine subscription
for all those who share our passion
for characterful wine and wine culture.

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Highly personal

Each box is handpicked by a different specialist from the Wine House team.

Wein Abo

Döllerer's highly personal wine subscription

A multi-faceted subscription full of great wines and exciting content. No two boxes are alike, each one is a surprise. And above all, every consignment is carefully put together with passion, enthusiasm and personality by someone from our wine team. The contents of the boxes sent are just as exciting and diverse as we are individual and different. What unites them all is the unwavering commitment to quality that Döllerer Wine House stands for. Wines with strong character and origin, handpicked by us for you.

We ask for a little trust in advance and do not reveal beforehand what will be in the boxes. It could be six bottles one time, next time a super rarity in a piccolo bottle or even a magnum. It's not about the quantity, but about the content. In each box, you'll find exciting knowledge and substances in addition to the wine. It's not just about presenting great wines, but also to let you dive a little deeper into the wine culture, as we understand it and live it.

You can decide whether you want to receive a box 4 times, 6 times or 12 times a year. When, i.e. in which period, the boxes come to you, you can choose yourself. If you are really enthusiastic, we will send you one regularly - endlessly.

Per box there is a fixed price of € 89.00 in Austria and € 95.00 in Germany including shipping costs, which is simply multiplied depending on the subscription model. You can decide whether to pay everything in advance or box by box.

If you order by the 15th of the month, your subscription will start the month after next. For example, if you order by January 15, your subscription can start in March. However, if it is on January 16, then it will only start in April.

4, 6 or 12 times a year.
Or handpicked forever.



Each box has a fixed price of:
AUT € 89,00
GER € 95,00 
including shipping costs.

Great wines & exciting content in every box.

Four fantastic reasons

  • Highly personal: There is no algorithm or trend behind our subscriptions, but a lot of personality. Each box is carefully put together with a lot of passion and personal style by one of us. And who knows, maybe every now and then there's a surprise guest who packs his or her very own individual highlights into a box.
  • With depth and vision: The wine subscription is the ideal way to discover the highlights and vintage depths of the Döllerer Selection box by box. A new flavor is added with each package, thus expanding your wine horizons.
  • Wine and so much more: our wine subscription is never just about wine, but always also about its context. Each box is a composition of wine with great additions to accompany it: tastings, recipes, information on origin, character, terroir and much more - a lively package in order to experience wine together.
  • Without airs and graces but with enthusiasm: You don't need to be a great wine connoisseur or professional. This is a subscription for all those who have the same passion for wine and wine culture as we do. Regardless of experience or knowledge – “Handpicked” is a high-quality, lively subscription with lots of character, dedicated to the fun of discovery.

» The ideal gift for all wine lovers who want to expand their horizons. «

Raimund Döllerer

Here's how

01 / Decide: whether you want to gift yourself or someone else. Then choose the subscription option – 4 times, 6 times or 12 times “Handpicked” in a period defined by you or “Handpicked” endlessly, an ongoing annual subscription that can be cancelled at any time.

02 / Enter data: enter payment details and your address and, if applicable, the recipient of the gift subscription’s address and formulate a message for the greeting card.

03 / Delivery: we always send the packages by parcel service around the 5th of the month and they then should reach you soon after.
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Handpicked is a wine subscription from us for you. You don't have to be a wine connoisseur or even a professional. Rather, you need to have a passion and enthusiasm for wine and be open to our boxes and surprises.

Yes, in any case! The wine subscription is the ideal gift for parents, children, friends, siblings, etc. When ordering the subscription in our shop, in the first step you can choose whether you want to give yourself or someone else as a gift.

Yes, of course this is also possible. The personal greeting can be added to the shopping cart. 


Before the first package is sent, the recipient receives an information e-mail from us that they will be surprised with a wine subscription and the question whether they agree for us to send them information and packages. Then an email from the parcel service will come to let everyone know that a box of “Handpicked” is on its way.


Before the first package is sent, the recipient receives an information e-mail from us that they will be surprised with a wine subscription and the question whether they agree for us to send them information and packages. Then an email from the parcel service will come to let everyone know that a box of “Handpicked” is on its way.


Since some of the wines are rarities and wines with very low availability, not all of them can be reordered. However, a large part is available in our Döllerer online store.

Should you be interested in a wine that is not currently in the shop, you are very welcome to contact us and we will try to find a solution. The best way is to contact us by e-mail at weinhaus@doellerer.at.

The subscription packages 12 times, 6 times or 4 times Handpicked are limited and expire after one year automatically. The “Handpicked” package “Endless”, on the other hand, is unlimited and can therefore be cancelled. Cancellation is possible after a minimum term of 6 months and can be requested with 30 days’ notice to the next 1st of the month. For example: If you cancel by January 31, your subscription will still be running in February and you will no longer be a subscriber as of March 1. February will therefore still be billed and delivered.


Your box is always shipped around the 5th of the month by parcel service. Of course, there may be small fluctuations due to weekends or holidays. The duration is as published in our terms and conditions.


For the packages 4 times, 6 times or 12 times “Handpicked” there is an option of paying the total amount in advance by credit card or instant bank transfer as well as the option of monthly debiting (recurring payment).

The “Endless Handpicked” variant happens only possible with recurring payment. The amount is debited monthly via Hobex or mPay24. The monthly debit takes place as soon as we start delivery.

That is no problem at all. Just send us an email to weinhaus(at)doellerer.at with your new billing and shipping address. A second shipment due to late notification would be at your expense.


Yes, if you are on vacation or want to take a month off, you can of course take a break. Just send us an email to weinhaus(at)doellerer.at by the 15th of the month and let us know when and for how long you would like us to hold your “Handverlesen” subscription.


We will replace defective wine after inspecting the bottle you returned. The wine can be returned up to a maximum of one month after the date of delivery. The wine must still be 3/4 full and sealed with the original cork.  If we no longer have enough of the wine in stock, you will receive a voucher for the WebShop and you can choose another bottle with a strong character.