Wine culture
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Our wine world

Real connoisseurs of wine also like all that accompanies wine. With experience, knowledge and passion, we make wine come alive, in all its facets, for our community of wine lovers in the Döllerer wine world.

Which wine for which occasion? Which glass is for which wine, should it be decanted or not, what is the optimal drinking temperature, does the type of cultivation influence the taste, and what is my personal favorite wine region? Questions upon questions, and even more answers can be found in the Döllerer wine world. We have been searching for them for over 35 years and we have found what we were looking for. Our knowledge on wine is growing every day and we are happy to share it with you, whether at exclusive tastings, individual consultations, special events, on- or offline, in the Wine House, in our online store or by phone. At Döllerer, wine knowledge knows no boundaries.






Our Master Sommelier, Alexander Koblinger, lives and breathes wine. He always has and with every fiber of his being. For him, wine is more than just a drink; it is a complex world whose laws he has internalized. Only a little of this complexity is felt by the guest, here only the passion counts. For life, for good food, for the perfect moment.


The Döllerer wine workshop

The wine workshop has a variety of offers and services to give a better understanding of wine. Everything you need to experience wine in a variety of ways.

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Wine knowledge

You never stop learning, even after 35 years. But we are more than happy to pass on what we’ve learned so far, in individual consultations or in our Weinschauen (=look at wines) blog category. So you can build up and improve your knowledge of wine.

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Glass culture and more

The incredible world of wine is made just a little bit more beautiful with the right glasses and accessories. This is exactly why the Döllerer glassware exists. As a perfect complement to great wine.

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