Being rooted

A living garden in the midst of the untamed Alpine landscape. This is what the Döllerer family had in mind when they started to think the garden of the original building in Golling. A place to be both inviting and inspiring for guests. And one that is a reflection of its Alpine cuisine. As sustainable as it is diverse. As traditional as it is cosmopolitan.

Garden highlights straight to your plate.

A garden to experience and linger

Using the most sustainable materials possible to become one with the land we live on. Equally natural and tasteful. That is what we were aiming for, and that is what we did. Since then, the newly arranged garden of our original building has been enriched with herbs, rare fruits and vegetables from the region, along with exotic plants from all over the world. Embedded in natural stone walls, Corten steel planters and gravel from the surrounding area. The different levels enable a clear view of Golling, the surrounding mountains, and perhaps of yourself. In addition to the “floating” viewing platform over the vineyard below, the garden offers several other places that invite you to hang around, unwind, and simply enjoy the view and the feeling. The house chapel is located in a particularly sheltered spot, intended as a place of retreat and contemplation in the midst of unspoiled nature. The fifteen beehives buzz with energy and excitement. The bees have found a safe home here and thank us with our first own organic honey.


Edible landscapes

The steep slopes behind the restaurant are full of Alpine fruit trees, returning almost forgotten flavors to our guests’ plates and glasses. Andreas Döllerer sees it as his mission to ensure that this diversity is preserved and not forgotten and to combine it with highlights from around the world to create exciting new flavors. An approach that will benefit generations to come. Danube whitebeam, ten different grape varieties with different ripening times, raspberries, blackberries, currants, the local juneberry, blood peaches, and also a few real exotics. All this is the basis for down-to-earth and at the same time experimental cuisine. Our garden will grow, and be a place of development. Keep that in mind when you're looking for your place in it.

We would like to invite you on a little tour to where familiar tastes meet new flavors. Take a walk, and a taste, and be surprised.